A Little Scary thing about Compassion and how a stone can help – Kunzite

Compassion is defined in Websters dictionary as, “literally, suffering with another; a sensation of sorrow excited by the distress or misfortunes of another; pity; commiseration.”
Compassion, this attitude of thought, comes with a lot of different meanings, lessons and emotions to everyone.  Personally, I try to work on my compassion skills daily.
It is so hard!  I believe I am a nice person, polite, and I try really hard not to judge, but sometimes finding that compassion for the people, things and organizations you just don’t like – is a challenge!  What IS helping me, little by little,  is finding the reasons  why it is a challenge to me.
One reason it is sometimes hard is because I am just scared.  Finding compassion in someone suffering is scary.  It makes you think of how you would feel if you were in that situation… and that is scary.  Who really wants to go through any suffering?
“Compassion, the sympathy of another’s suffering,” it is a challenge to have this sympathy on something that has hurt you in the past, but the true lesson in the act of compassion is rising above it all.  Get over the scary part.  De-personalize it and take the You out of it.  You cannot stop the future from happening, but you can open up your heart to be more emotionally ready.
There is one stone that helps me find compassion when I am in a challenging situation looking for help and that is Kunzite, also known as spodumene. Kunzite is the pink variety of spodumene and it is so beautiful and serene . Kunzite is a lithium aluminum silicate mineral, giving it a glow that pulses with calm, loving heart opening energy.  I have always imagined kunzite to have a moon like glow and mother attitude that puts you under a spell of the super loving, fairy like mineral.  The mineral has a way to open up your heart and take away all that is scary and resisting you to truly love and be loved.