Veggie Broth Recipe

Its getting into the season of soups, stews and beans.  Some of my favorite food groups!  With a great garden harvest this year, and a couple trips to local pumpkin patches, I have had a lot of veggie scraps and leftovers so I decided to make my own veggie broth for our family.  We are a household of crock pot lovers, so we tend to use A LOT of veggie broth, and it can get pretty pricey when you get the organic kind, so I took a few days the other week and made batches of veggie broth. It is super easy and you will be happy with the results!

Step 1.  Collect veggies for your broth.  I used all the extra celery, Swiss chard, carrots, etc. from the garden.  I also use the leftover scraps of dinner veggies like; brussel sprouts, cauliflower, onions, garlic, etc. This is the one time the chickens and duckveggie broth recipe s do not get the yummy scraps.

Step 2. Place all the veggies in your crock pot and fill up with water.  I usually get around 4-5 cups of water actually in the crock pot once full of veggies.

Step 3.  Set the crock pot on low and let it cook.  I like a nice long cook for about 12-15 hours, so overnight is the easiest.

Step 4. Drain the veggies with a sieve or colander.

Step 5. Store. I like to store in freezer bags, doubled up, in the deep freezer.  Don’t forget to label and date the bag!

Step 6. Enjoy in some delicious dishes!

*Tip – When defrosting the veggie broth, place the bag in a bowl do it doesn’t leave your counter full of water.